How To Swap $HOTCROSS on Coin98 Wallet App?
To start you will need to install the Coin98 Wallet from an official resource.
Coin98 Wallet App supports Exchange 2.0 which presents as a DEX aggregation platform. It provides smart order routing, allowing users to make a swap easier, and cheaper. You can follow the below steps to buy $HOTCROSS on their wallet app.
Open the App and Click on the Swap icon on the button bar to open the Swap page.
On the Swap page, Switch the network to BNB Smart Chain.
On the Swap page:
  • Select $HOTCROSS as the output token (1)
  • Enter the amount you want to buy (2)
  • Review swap information and routing and click Swap to continue (3)
On the Review Order popup, check the amounts of output and input tokens. Click Swap.
After the transaction gets confirmed, a success popup should appear and your tokens balance will reflect the trade.
For more information on How Coin98 Exchange 2.0 works, visit here.
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