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Hot Dog Token

A reflect loyalty token with a 3% transfer fee given to holders, and other incentives.
HOTDOG, which is live on BSC mainnet, was originally named HOTVIP, because piggy needed a friend. The purpose of the Hot Dog Token is to strengthen the Hot Cross community, incentivize platform users with HOTDOG-only events, and also experiment with governance mechanisms within the Hot Cross Platform. 🐷 and 🌭 love each other.

3% Reflect Fee

By holding HOTDOG you are entitled to a 3% reflect fee, which happens whenever a transaction occurs on the Hot Dog Token itself. You won't see these micro-transactions on a blockchain but your balance of HOTDOG will increase in your wallet.
Welcome to HOTDOG.

Notable Addresses

The following addresses are important to note:
Contract Address
Token Swap Contract
Doesn't receive reflect.
SushiSwap BSC LPs
AMM, No Reflect
BabySwap BSC LPs
AMM, No Reflect
AMM, No Reflect
BiSwap BSC LPs
AMM, No Reflect
ApeSwap BSC LPs
AMM, No Reflect
PancakeSwap BSC LPs
AMM, No Reflect
17% Entry Fee Safe
HOTDOG Entry Fee Safe
Due to the nature of HOTDOG having no intended primary market, we've excluded LP's from gaining reflect.

17% Entry Fee

There is a one-time entry fee of 17% (lowered from 28%) to enter into HOTDOG with HOTCROSS. This goes towards funding the protocols events, Cross Pool pools, Cross Yield Sizzle pools, and more. Consider this a way of essentially giving back to a platform that is giving much to its users.
HOTDOG Fee Notice

100% Backed by HOTCROSS

The total supply of HOTDOG is 415,000,000 (83% of 500,000,000 HOTCROSS (Supply) (Tokenomics)). This will never change, as it's backed completely by HOTCROSS and not a "new" token with a random, arbitrary market value. In fact, there is no intended primary market for the Hot Dog Token as its use case it to enter into the Hot Cross Platform more deeply.
Reminder: you can always swap back and forth between HOTCROSS and HOTDOG at any time as long as you pay the fees associated with the swaps.
What a conversion looks like when going from HOTCROSS to HOTDOG and back.

Easy Swap In. Easy Swap Out.

How to get HOTDOG
Swapping into HOTDOG and out of HOTDOG (back into HOTCROSS) is a breeze. Simply do it on our application and you're set. The swap fee is always the same and would only ever change if a collective governance proposal were to pass. That's quite a long way out though, so for now 3% is what you should expect with a 17% entry fee.
The swap interface for HOTDOG.

Fully Audited

The Hot Dog Token (HOTDOG) has been fully audited by some of the industry's best. You'll find those on the audits page.