↔️Cross Connect

Connect to Hot Cross Product Suite with 1 unique UI/UX

Cross Connect is a connector component that helps users to interact with Hot Cross DApp. Cross Connect is integrated into every Hot Cross app. Cross Connect supports connecting to multi EVM networks. 1 unique UI/UX across Hot Cross product suite.

A deep look into the User Interface

Click on the Connect Wallet button on the top right corner to open the Connect to a wallet popup.

  1. List of all supported networks for current DApp.

  2. List of all supported wallets.

Connected UI will show the wallet's native asset balance (BNB, ETH, AVAX ...) and the wallet address.

To view your wallet balance, click on the connected area.

Open the wallet detail by clicking on the "Your wallet balance" area.

  1. Copy your wallet address.

  2. Show wallet address QR code.

  3. Open blockchain explorer with the current wallet address, BscScan on BNB Smart Chain on the above case.

The "How to Connect" guides for supported wallets

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