WalletConnect is the web3 standard to connect blockchain wallets to dapps.

In order to understand how WalletConnect works, you can visit their website to do more research.

How to use WalletConnect?

Open any browser on your phone or PC and go to our DApp

Start with Connect button and pick a WalletConnect as a method.

At this step, you will be able to choose a network of connection

If you want to switch networks - you will need to disconnect your wallet and do the same steps with picking a new network.

Wallet connect supports a large amount of wallets, just find it in the upcoming menu

Also, there would be a confirmation of wallet connection to Dapp.

After confirmation in your wallet-app just come back to the browser.

If there is any issue, please let us know at support@hotcross.com. We're always willing to help.

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