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Cross Pool

Multi-Chain Staking Pools for Single-Sided Tokens and LPs
Cross Pool is a member of the Hot Cross product suite that offers a secure and decentralized way of rewarding users for staking both LP tokens and single-sided, traditional BEP20 tokens.

A deep look into the UI(User Interface)

  1. 1.

    Overall statistics like:

    Total Value Staked (value of funds in all pools) Total $HOTCROSS Stake
  2. 2.

    Sorting features that will help you in many ways.

    Turn on the “staked” toggle to see only pools where you were staking your funds.
    Or you can simply click on buttons like: In Progress will list only active pools
    My Pools will list pools where you have funds( staked funds and\or unclaimed rewards)
    Sizzle will list only Sizzle pools
    Coming Soon will list pools that are announced but not launched yet.
    Completed will list ended pools You can also pick a Chain here.
  3. 3.
    Pools themselves
HOTDOG Pool on Cross Pool version 2
Status of pool:
Sizzle - special sizzle active pool
Staking - the pool is active you can stake in it Completed - pool ended
V2: indicates that the pool was created on Cross Pool version 2.
Multi rewards: Total rewards per staking pool (1M HOTCROSS and 1M HOTDOG tokens in the example)
Staking Lock: How long your funds will be locked after depositing into the pool. no staking lock => no lock.
Initial claim: Delay to claim your rewards, but not the deposit. Pool ends in: For how long more this staking will be active. APR: Annual Percentage Rate, read more about it here.
Staked: The total amount of tokens staked in the current pool.

Cross Pool Version 2

The updated version of pools could be found by unique marker V2 Cross Pool page
These pools have a unique system of multi-rewards, support 3 Chains, and multiple other things that could help with better pool control.
The transaction fee on Cross Pool V2 (Unstake and Claim rewards) will be higher compared with Cross Pool V1 because of more logic to execute. Here is an example. The fee is around 2-3$, so you should consider joining if your funds and rewards are good enough to cover those fees.
Unstake delay - could be found by clicking on Unstake button.
Deposit Cap - New feature to limit amount of funds locked by a wallet to new pool.
Kindly check all the pool statistics as some of them can have additional fees such as: Protocol fee: takes 0.02% of Rewards earned Early Unstake Fee: 5% of Rewards earned will be taken in case of unstaking before the pool timer ends.

How to Stake, Unstake and Claim on Cross Pool

Open Cross pool page at
Connect wallet
Pick a pool with the token you want to stake and click stake now
Here you can see the staking page with all the needed info here. To stake your funds click on Stake
Input the number of tokens you wish to stake and approve the contract
If the pool has Staking Lock, you will see the below notice, please read and confirm "Yes".
After the transaction is done you will see the “stake” button instead of “approve” and also notification that you approved HOTCROSS
Click on “stake” and confirm the transaction
There you go! Tokens are staked, great job ✅


Here is a quick steps to get your staked funds and rewards back.

Connect your wallet
Find the pool you were staking
My pools or Completed button will help you
Your deposit funds can withdrawn anytime by just clicking “Unstake”
Rewards are claimable within the initial claim period ends.
Completed pools with your funds you can find at “My Pools” tab 😉

Some notes

  1. 1.
    If you add and\or withdraw funds from stake rewards will automatically be claimed if there is no claim delay.
  2. 2.
    You can withdraw your deposit at any time without any delays. Delays can be forced only on rewards. (But you can always withdraw it after the timer ends.)
  3. 3.
    No one besides your wallet can sign a transaction and move\withdraw\deposit funds. We can NOT touch it.
  4. 4.
    When the pool ended and you didn’t withdraw your funds - no worries. Funds will wait for you as long as the smart contract exists.

Cross Pool Tech explanations

Cross Pool is driven by a CrossPool.sol smart contract. This is the entity that allows for the secure staking and custody of tokens as well as the distribution of $HOTCROSS tokens, or any tokens for that matter, as rewards. Each Cross Pool ("Rewards Pool") is tightly associated with a specific BEP20 reward token. More specifically, the contract can have multiple pools ("Staking Pools") whereby each pool emits rewards.
Basic concepts within the Cross Pool code are:
  • Reward per block: This is the number of CROSS tokens that will be rewarded in each block starting from the block height at which there are some staked tokens. This reward will be split amongst all pools
  • Pool allocation points: A figure that in combination with the total allocation points define the portion of the reward per block that a pool is entitled to. For example, pool 1 might have 500 allocation points and the total allocation points are 1000. In that case, pool 1 is entitled to 50% of the reward per block.
  • Total allocation points: The sum of the allocation points for all pools
  • Accumulated reward per share: This is a mathematical technique we use to be able to calculate the accumulated CROSS that each share i.e. staked token will receive at each block height. This is a useful trick to avoid expensive mathematical equations and storing too many data on-chain to make the calculations. It also help understand the pending reward that each user will receive at any given time based on the number of shares i.e. staked tokens she has at that point in time.
  • Reward debt: This figure is used in combination with the accumulated reward per share to accomplish what we described above.
  • Pending reward: The number of CROSS tokens that are pending to be claimed by a user


An optional feature of the Cross Pool is the concept of timelocks. This is rather a simplistic feature that locks the accumulated rewards of each use until a specific point in time. More specifically, users can deposit and withdraw staking tokens before the timelock block height. Non of the accumulated claims will be distributed during that period, however they would still be able to claim the accumulated reward after the timelock is passed. It is important to note, that claiming accumulated rewards after the timelock does not require users have any stake in the pool.The rewards are accumulated for any tokens that have been staked prior or after the timelock. The only restriction is the time when they will be distributed to the user. In essence, withdrawing before the timelock will not nullify any accrued claims until that moment.

Calculating pool allocation points

The pool allocation points are what decide the portion of the block reward that will be distributed to the users that staked to a specific pool. Below are the three steps that we need to follow when we want to translate a percentage into this specific figure.
  1. 1.
    We start with a total allocation points of 1000
  2. 2.
    For each new pool we decide the share (%) of the block reward it will receive and calculate the allocation points using the following formula.
allocationPoints / (allocationPoints + totalAllocationPoints) = share (%) / 100
3. If we decide to update the share % of an existing pool we have to do:
allocationPoints / (allocationPoints - (totalAllocationPoints - prevAllocationP

APR calculation

Let's take an example that demonstrates how we can calculate the APR.
  • Reward per block 40
  • allocation points 25
  • total allocation points 100
  • Total tokens staked in the pool 74,923,611
  1. 1.
    Calculate the reward the pool is entitled at each block. This will be 40 * 25/100 = 10
  2. 2.
    1 staked token will have the following share in the pool 1 / 74,923,611 = 0.000000001334692
  3. 3.
    At each block 1 staked token will reward user with 0.000000001334692 * 10 = 0.0000001334692
  4. 4.
    Multiplying the above figure with the total blocks per year which is 15,770,000 (based on a 3 sec block on BSC) will get us 1.4032. In a nutshell, 1 staked token will reward user with 1.4032 or a total 140.32% APR


I staked my funds on Cross Pool a long time ago, the pool is ended, now I can't find my funds.

You can find your staked funds with the My Pools button.

My wallet was hacked, I want to move my staked funds on Cross Pool to another wallet, can Hot Cross support it?

Unfortunately, Hot Cross doesn't have the ability to touch the user's fund. Only those who have access to the wallet can move the staked funds.

Where are the rewards for Sizzle pools come from?

The rewards of Sizzle pools are subsidized by Hot Cross, It's a part of promotional efforts to raise more awareness of Cross Yield.

Why the unstake/claim rewards transaction fee is so high on Cross Pool?

On some pools that have the "V2" tag, the smart contract is more complicated than the "V1" pool. That helps the team can create a new pool with more flexible options, such as deposit cap, unstake delay, protocol fees and early withdraw fee, and multi-rewards. Those additional options also bring the transaction fee higher to execute the pool contract.
The wallets will show the max fee, but the actual fee will be around ~60% of what the wallet show on the confirmation UI.
Wallet estimation, max fee
The actual transaction fee is 0.00918 BNB.

Where can I get help if none of the questions solved my problem?

Please email us at [email protected] with more detail and screenshots.

Fully Audited

The Cross Pool smart contracts have been fully audited by some of the industry's best. You'll find those on the audits page.