To start you will need to install the MetaMask extension or their mobile apps from an official resource.

By default, your network at MetaMask would be Ethereum and you will need to add other EVM networks manually.

How to add networks to MetaMask with Chainlist?

Open Chainlist and connect your MetaMask

Search for the network you need to add and click on "Add to MetaMask" button

Confirm adding a new network on MetaMask

There you go! Chain is added to MetaMask

How to manually add a custom network to MetaMask?

Open your MetaMask extentson and click on Ethereum network there would be a drop-down menu with the list of all networks you've added in it.

By clicking on "Add Network" button MetaMask will transfer you to the page where information about the network should be filled

Complete information about the network you want to add must be posted on official resources. Please always confirm it.

How to connect MetaMask Extension to Hot Cross?

Open our DApp at

Connect your wallet using the "Connect Wallet" button and choose MetaMask

Now you can freely use Hot Cross DApps with MetaMask.

How to connect MetaMask mobile app to Hot Cross?

To open the DApp Browser on MetaMask, on the left menu, tap Browser.

On the Browser page, type in, then tap Go.

Finally, on the Hot Cross DApp, use Connect Wallet button to open the wallet options, then select MetaMask.

MetaMask mobile app should be connected with Hot Cross now. You can visit our product suite on the top-right menu to start using it.

How to switch networks?

In order to switch networks, you need to click on the icon of Chain at the top.

And the pop-up menu will offer you available chains for this Dapp

If there is any issue, please let us know at We're always willing to help.

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