Hot Cross Product Descriptions and Audit Reports

Canonical: we update our GitHub page frequently when audits are finalized. For the sake of clarity you may assume that any audit added into the audits repo repo will also be added into this page. As noted in our Getting Started brief, on-chain applications are not without their risk so please do exercise caution and safety when using any protocol or platform that you are unfamiliar with, including ours. We have been audited by CertiK, Omniscia, SlowMist, Beosin, PeckShield, and Zokyo.

Hot Cross Token and Vesting Contracts

The Hot Cross Token has its canonical version on Ethereum as a standard ERC20 asset. In addition to creating the token smart contracts we also needed to creating vesting contracts for the token.

Supply: we have extensively documented the token economy for Hot Cross Token on Notion. There is also an API endpoint to keep track of any supply changes.

Cross Bridge

Cross Bridge is a live mainnet application that allows anyone to peg canonical HOTCROSS ERC20 to Binance Smart Chain HOTCROSS BEP20 or Avalanche C-Chain HOTCROSS ERC20. We have also used similar technologies for other clients.

TVL: TVL across the bridges that we have deployed is available at an open location on our API documentation site.

Cross Pool

Cross Pool is a live mainnet launchpool-style product that allows for both single token and LP token staking within the same pool of incentives. It's compatible with most EVM networks.

Deprecated Docs: outdated documentation for Cross Pool is located here. We're in the process of migrating that over to this documentation portal.

Cross Mint

Cross Mint is a live mainnet multi-chain 721/1155 NFT minter that allows creators and hobbyists to mint out their creations on up to six different blockchains from a unified interface.

Contract Addresses: the mainnet addresses for Cross Mint are currently available on GitHub and we are in the process of migrating that over to this documentation portal.

Cross Send

Cross Send is an ETH and EVM network token multi-sender. It supports up to 7 blockchains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, HECO, KCC, Harmony, and Avalanche C-Chain. Fees are paid in either native chain asset or HOTCROSS.

Initial Hot Cross Offerings ("IHO")

Initial Hot Cross Offerings, or IHO's, are a set of smart contracts that enable new blockchain teams to perform compliant on-chain launches. This tool operates in an overflow model whereby allocations are shared based on the amount input into a pool. There is also the concept of zaps, whereby users are able to easily zap in BNB, BUSD, or any other single-sided asset to form an LP token and contribute to an IHO.

Know Your Customer ("KYC")

This suite of smart contracts implement functions that allow users to register and modify their email information for compliant on-chain products like IHO's. Users only need to pay a one-time fee to the charging address when registering and will always have access to Hot Cross products that require compliance. The owner of the smart contracts can only modify the fee and the fee receiving address. These fees are secured in a Gnosis Safe. The current mainnet smart contract for this system is on Binance Smart Chain.

Hot Cross Reflect Token ("HOTDOG")

HOTDOGβ€”formerly HOTVIPβ€”is a reflect token that acts as a VIP-style access ticket into some of Hot Cross' most exclusive products and upcoming launches. An entry tax is paid by users that swap into HOTDOG with HOTCROSS. The most important utility set for HOTDOG is that it will grant deeper access into the Hot Cross platform as it grows. Taxed HOTCROSS goes back into treasury and can be used in any number of ways, from Cross Pool top-ups to Cross Yield incentivization.

Cross Yield

Cross Yield is a multi-chain yield optimizer. It's designed to allow liquidity providers to gain more optimized performance from their positions as well as give new LP's an easy way to zap into any Cross Yield vault that we deploy.

NFT Staking

A multi-chain NFT staking platform that may be used for staking Cross Bossesβ€”or any other NFT collection for that matterβ€”for ERC-20 assets. In short, we’ve developed audited smart contracts that allow anyone to stake an ERC-721 or ERC-1155 and receive either one or multiple ERC20’s as an incentive.

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