Get Help Monday Through Friday With Your Favorite Hot Cross Products
Note: While our team works extremely hard, we also try to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Our official support time is Monday through Friday. Please do note that official support will only ever come from a Hot Cross official account or email address.

General Support

General application support is primarily provided through email at [email protected]. We do have a dedicated set of community members—affectionately known as Cadets—who offer basic support in our chat rooms however no one from the Hot Cross team will ever directly contact you to provide help. When in doubt, always check the list of admins in an official room or send us an email, which is the safest way of ensuring that you're speaking to the right person.
Note: While our Twitter DM's are open, we do not check it as frequently as email due to the frequency of potential security risks that may come through chat support on a social network. Therefore if you do need urgent help you should email us; it is the fastest way to get our attention.

Troubleshooting KYC Issues

If you have issues with KYC documents, verifications, login attempts with Synaps, or anything related to the actual KYC procedure, you must contact Synaps at [email protected]. We have 0 power over your KYC process, and nobody at Hot Cross has control over this documentation. We do not need to see your information ever. We want to know if you are a KYC’d email address and wallet. If you have general questions about KYC that do not have to do with verification, you can contact us at [email protected].
Note: there is also a support box on the bottom right of the KYC portal page. Use that and it will send us an email with all of the necessary information that we need in order to assist you with any issues that you may have during the registration process.

Business Inquiries

Please send all business inquiries to [email protected].
Note: we are sometimes slow to answer these due to the overwhelming amount of email that comes into this inbox but promise that everything is seen. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your patience.


Please send all security-related matters to [email protected].
Note: we ask that security researchers engage in responsible disclosure practices.