Coin98 Wallet

To start you will need to install the Coin98 Wallet from an official resource.

How to connect Coin98 Wallet Extension to Hot Cross?

Open our DApp at

Connect your Coin98 wallet using the Connect Wallet button and choose Coin98 Wallet.

Also, there would be a confirmation of wallet connection to DApp.

Your Coin98 Wallet should be connected with Hot Cross now. You can visit our product suite on the left menu to start using it.

How to switch networks on Coin98 Wallet Extension?

In order to switch networks, you need to click on the icon of Chain at the top.

And the pop-up menu will offer you available chains for this dApp.

Do not forget to confirm Network switching in the pop-up Coin98 Wallet window.

How to connect Coin98 Mobile App to Hot Cross?

Open the browser in your Coin98 app and go to our DApp.

Next, you will need to connect your wallet by clicking on the Connect Wallet button and choosing Coin98 Wallet.

Now you can freely use Hot Cross DApps with the Coin98 mobile app.

How to switch networks on Coin98 Mobile App?

Kindly click on the wallet name at the bottom.

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