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Register once and gain access to all compliant Hot Cross products on any blockchain we support.

KYC Once. Access Forever.

In mid-October we rolled out a KYC smart contract suite that was designed to support any compliant product that the Hot Cross platform produces. We're a non-anonymous team that prides itself on building in a pragmatic way, meaning that some of the products we produce do not require KYC and some of the products we release do need it. Currently, the primary use case of registering with Hot Cross is for Initial Hot Cross Offerings and future launchpads. That said, it's probably a good idea to pay a one-time fee now so that when we roll out another compliant product, you'll be ready to go from the start.

Note: We process registrations instantly. Once you pay your registration fee, you begin the KYC process with our third-party provider directly from the Hot Cross application. KYC approvals are not within the control of Hot Cross.

Access Support

There are two ways that you can contact us for support with registration: directly on the website or through email. Nobody from the Hot Cross team will ever reach out to you proactively to offer support on Telegram, Twitter, or any other social platform. Please do exercise risk management and caution when sharing sensitive information such as email addresses or wallet addresses in public chat rooms, as those are usually vectors of attack for malicious actors online.

Note: Our support is Monday through Friday unless we are working under extreme circumstances. If you reach out to us on a weekend then expect to wait until Monday to hear from us if it's not a public holiday.

Centralized Decentralized Finance

The term Centralized Decentralized Finance ("CeDeFi") seems odd. It's not. Traditionally speaking the approach to DeFi has been one that doesn't take into account the rapidly changing regulatory landscape in the blockchain ecosystem. Our goal at Hot Cross is to stay ahead of the curve and merge both approaches: develop on-chain and do it in a way that harmonious with the real world.

Do keep in mind that most of the products we create, like staking, token multi-sending, NFT minting, and general marketing do not require KYC. Initial Hot Cross Offerings and anything related to the launch of new teams through a Hot Cross service probably do need compliance. If you would like to fully participate in every single product that we create without wondering if you can, it's best to register and enjoy what we produce.

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