🎯Cross Send

A Multi-Chain ETH and EVM Network Token Sender

Cross send is a multi-chain token sender from a unified interface and supports nine blockchains.

System Architecture

  1. A user visits Cross Send;

  2. The user connects to the desired blockchain using Cross Connect;

  3. A CSV file is uploaded (or manual input) with blockchain addresses, commas, and amounts of a token to send;

  4. The dApp will run a series of checks to avoid common errors when sending tokens to multiple recipients;

  5. Finally, the user would sign a single transaction and have Cross Send perform a batch transfer to the list of provided recipients.

The system architecture and user journey of Cross Send are designed as such:

How to use Cross Send?

Cross Send is 100% free.

To Start, Open Cross Send Page.

Connect your wallet.

With our Cross Connect, you can switch networks easily.

Now, you can select the token to send by simply picking from the tokens you have in your wallet.

You also need to complete the list of addresses where you want to send tokens in a format that’s shown on site.

Or you can upload a CSV file with the list, but keep in mind that the format should be the same as in the picture.

Here is how your poles should look like before sending a transaction.

Approve smart contract to let it send your tokens.

Confirm the number of tokens that will be sent from your wallet.

Please kindly check all the information explained in this step.

Keep in mind that you will also need some native tokens (ETH, BNB, MATIC, ONE, AVAX ...) to pay the basic transaction fee.

And confirm the transaction in your wallet.

After the transaction is complete you will see the link to BscScan to see full information.

Here is how a complete transaction looks like on BscScan.

The example was made on BNB Smart Chain and used BscScan as the main explorer of this chain. You will get a link to other chain explorers if you will use other chains.

Fully Audited

The Cross Send smart contracts have been fully audited by some of the industry's best. You'll find those on the audits page.

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