🌉Cross Bridge

Multi-chain bridging, easily swap between Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Avalanche HOTCROSS tokens.

The Cross Bridge User Journey

Below we present the sequence diagram that shows the steps taken during pegging and unpegging ERC20 tokens.

Ethereum to EVM Network (BNB Smart Chain)

The sequence diagram below illustrates the process of Alice locking 100 ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain (pegging in) and receiving an equal amount of BEP20 tokens on an EVM Network, in this case, BNB Smart Chain. There are intermediary steps that are not depicted in the abstracted sequence diagram below; however, the core steps are clearly illustrated and are as follows:

  1. Alice visits the dApp using a web3-compatible browser.

  2. Alice connects to an Ethereum RPC node.

  3. The dApp presents a simple UI that Alice can employ to transfer ERC20 tokens into the ETH bridge (she will receive the same amount on the corresponding EVM network).

  4. When Alice clicks transfer (and if she has enough ERC20 tokens), she will be prompted to accept the transfer of her ERC20 tokens into the bridge's smart contract.

  5. While this is occurring, validators listening to blockchain events prepare the process of relaying a mint out request to a corresponding EVM network, in this case BNB Smart Chain.

  6. If proper validator conditions are met then BEP20 tokens will be minted and transferred to Alice's wallet.

  7. Finally, if Alice now switches to the corresponding EVM network in her wallet she should be able to interact with the tokens that have been minted.

How to use Cross Bridge?

This Bridge supports HOTCROSS ERC20 on Ethereum to BNB Smart Chain and Avalanche and back. It does not support BNB Smart Chain to C-Chain or C-Chain to BNB Smart chain.

This guide is provided by bridging from BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) to Ethereum (ERC20).

To start, open the Bridge Page.

Pick a chain inside your wallet where your tokens are now.

Connect your wallet.

Deep look into the interface.

  1. Your actual balance of tokens.

  2. Show more info about the contracts on both sides.

  3. Type in how many tokens you want to bridge between networks.

  4. Here you can change the network (BNB Smart Chain or Avalanche). Click on it and you will see a drop-down menu to pick the destination chain.

Please make sure you have some native token in both chains to pay for transactions fees.

You need to input the amount of tokens you want to bridge and request them.

Confirm transaction on your wallet.

It takes some time. Be patient.

Here is what the transaction looks like at this step.

After some time you will see a notification to switch your network.

Please switch the chain in your wallet.

Now you can release your tokens on Ethereum.

The gas fees on Ethereum could be higher than on BNB Smart Chain or Avalanche.

Here is how the release transaction looks.

After the transaction is complete you will see that your token balances on site changed.

If at some point something got stuck for you please use this button to clear the application cache.

If the above tip doesn't help, feel free to email support@hotcross.com with detail of the issue and screenshots.

Notable Addresses

The following addresses are important to note:

WhatContract Address

Ethereum Bridge Address

BNB Smart Chain Bridge Address

Avalanche C-Chain Bridge Address

HOTCROSS ERC-20 Contract Address

HOTCROSS BEP-20 Contract Address

HOTCROSS C-Chain Contract Address

More Information with Cross API

Complete documentation for Cross API can be found here.

Fully Audited

The HOTCROSS Bridge smart contracts have been fully audited by some of the industry's best. You'll find those on the audits page.

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