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Introducing IHO 04 project: Salo Players

Hot Cross is thrilled to unveil our fourth Initial Hot Cross Offering: Salo Players! Salo Players (The Digital Guardian) is a compelling, shooting play-to-earn (P2E) game on BNB Smart Chain.
Whitelisting has already begun. The sale will take place on May 24th at 13:00 UTC. Detailed information about the upcoming IHO could be found here.

Liquidity Providers

There are a diversity of pools with LP with $HOTCROSS. How to become a Liquidity Provider? A detailed guide on a Liquidity Farming page.

HOTCROSS-BNB wins farm from the #21 community farm auctions on PancakeSwap.

CAKE reward multiplier will increase from 0.1X to 1X in 7 days (from 11 May)
HOTCROSS-BNB farm on PancakeSwap
Official announcement here.

Liquidity mining

Kucoin + Hummingbot

We're thrilled to announce a 16-week extension for $HOTCROSS with a US$20,00 total reward pool starting on March 6, 2022. More info here.