Hot Cross is made of web3, iOS, and Android builders whose competencies are "jack of all trades". Our team is made up of senior-level professionals with decades of experience in full stack, years of experience in DLT development, and deep experience with quality assurance and testing. We don't believe in boxing ourselves in with stringent labels inside the company and our creed is Find What's Missing. We avoid overly picking sides. If something's interesting we'll likely be researching or testing it. In short, we're tool makers in the Wild West.

Our team

  • Philip Arthur Moore, Co-Lead 🔗 GitHub | 🔗 LinkedIn​
  • Pavlos Polianidis, Co-Lead 🔗 GitHub | 🔗 LinkedIn​
  • Katy Shin, COO
  • Yong Jeong, CFO
  • Nikos Fotiadis, Builder 🔗 GitHub | 🔗 LinkedIn​
  • Antonis Poulakis, Builder 🔗 GitHub | 🔗 LinkedIn​
  • Michalis Ghiumiusliu, Builder 🔗 GitHub | 🔗 LinkedIn​
  • Lu Dante, Product Manager 🔗 LinkedIn​
  • Sung Pham, Lead QA 🔗 GitHub | 🔗 LinkedIn​
  • Blair Z, CMO
We're non-anonymous and proud of the work we do.