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Multi-chain NFT staking DApp

How to Stake NFTs

Go to app.hotcross.com/nft-staking and connect your wallet

Pick the most desirable pool with the Eligible NFTs

Click on pool to see more info about it

  • On left side menu you can see pending, claimed and total rewards of this pool

  • Right side menu will show you tech information about the pool. Such as timings, eligible NFTs, contract addresses etc.

Click on "Stake" button and you will see a window to choose which particular NFT you want to put into staking.

Choose NFT and approve it

After transaction is confirmed you can stake your NFT.

Please confirm staking transaction in your wallet and you will see a notification about successful stake

To be able to unstake your NFT just move your mouse over the "Unstake" button and you will timer of unstake delay if there is any.

If there is no timer and button is click-able - then you can unstake your NFT by doing easy steps

By clicking "unstake" you will open a window to choose which NFTs you want to unstake, pick and click "unstake"

After transaction is complete you will also see a notification


Why the unstake transaction fee is so high?

The NFT Staking contract is quite complicated and requires a higher fee to execute the transaction.

The wallets will show the max fee, but the actual fee will be around 50-60% of what the wallet show on the confirmation UI.

Where can I get help if none of the questions solved my problem?

Please email us at support@hotcross.com with more detail and screenshots.

Fully Audited

The NFT staking smart contracts have been fully audited by some of the industry's best. You'll find those on the audits page.

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