Initial Hot Cross Offerings

Get access to high-quality projects and emerging ideas across multi-chain and cross-chain platforms such as BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche.

IHO Whitelist

You must have a KYC’d wallet to participate. There is no wiggle room here - we are a B2B compliant-facing team that is non-anonymous and serious about pushing innovation and ideas forward in the on-chain space.
Check your KYC status and register a new wallet on KYC Page.
On the IHO 03, you must have at least 1 Cross Bosses NFT to participate in both Capped sessions. This optional requirement may not be the same for future IHO, make sure you subscribe to Hot Cross Updates to keep up with the latest information in this regard.

Before the IHO

Ensure that you have KYC'd with the Hot Cross Protocol. Check your status on KYC Page.
Make sure to read the IHO's announcement post on Hot cross Updates or our Announcement channel to be prepared if there are any further requirements for Capped sessions.
Visit the IHO Page for more information about the upcoming IHO.
Upcoming IHO
  • When will the IHO start?
  • How many sessions are available?
  • What is the max contribution for each session?
  • What is the payment method for each session?
  • What is the IHO token price?
  • Is there any lockup for the IHO token?
  • Project website and social links can be found on this page, you can do more research on the project.

During the IHO

When IHO sales are live. Depending on the IHO type, you can commit HOTDOG, BNB, BUSD, or HOTCROSS-BNB PSC LP tokens to participate. Every IHO is different and we also support Zap-in's, so It's important to keep that in mind. Refer to each IHO's announcement post to learn more.
If you going to use HOTDOG as the payment method, make sure to read HOTDOG token to fully understand Its Reflect Fee.
There are two types of sales available: Capped and Uncapped sessions. The Capped session has a max contribution amount per wallet. The Uncapped session has no max contribution, user can commit any amount they wish to.
You can join all sessions if your wallet is eligible.
To commit your funds into an ongoing IHO, open IHO Page and click on the Commit buttons of sessions you wish to participate in.
On the Commit window, type the number of tokens. Click Confirm.
Confirm the transaction on your wallet.
On the first time commit, you will be asked to make an Approval transaction, so the IHO contracts can move your funds. This only happened once per session.
After the transaction gets confirmed, you will see your committed funds and the number of partner tokens you will receive in real-time.

After the IHO

After the IHO finishes, you can claim your new token and unspent assets.
How many tokens you will get depends on how many people participated in the IHO. All sessions will use the Overflow sale method.
The overflow method ensures that the more you commit to an IHO, the more partner tokens you will receive, and you will get back anything that doesn't get spent.
Depending on each IHO and requested by the project team, the cooldown period and token vesting concepts will be applied or not. It's important to read each IHO's announcement post to learn more.
Cooldown Period: During the seven days following the conclusion of the IHO, you’ll be able to claim back your refunded HOTDOG in a linear fashion. BUSD will be refunded immediately. This is intended to reduce in-and-out mercenary capital causing harmful market fluctuations.
Token Vesting: Immediately claimable 25% after IHO, with 90-Day linear vesting on the remaining 75% to follow.
It’s super-important to keep in mind that these sessions change with every IHO. That’s the beauty of being part of the community. We adapt and change sale methods and pool methods frequently.
To Claim your new tokens and unspent assets, on the IHO Page, click on Receive Vested Tokens
IHO Finished
Confirm the transaction on your wallet, after the transaction gets confirmed, you should see the Congrats popup.
After claiming successfully, if you do not see your tokens in your wallet. make sure to add Its token contract into your wallet as a custom token.

Fully Audited

The IHO smart contracts have been fully audited by some of the industry's best. You'll find those on the audits page.