How to buy Cross Bosses on Liquid Collectibles

Open Cross Bosses Market on Liquid Collectibles, you can find the link on the left menu of

Connect your wallet with Connect Wallet button.

Browsing all the amazing Cross Bosses and click More on the one you wish to buy.

On the detail page, you can pay with BNB or CBi tokens. If you don't have CBi tokens, click Get CBi to buy them on ApeSwap.

CBi stands for Cross Bosses index, a liquid fungible token that has a 105:1 claim on an NFT. You can use CBi for:

  • Add CBi-BNB liquidity on ApeSwap

  • Collect Cross Bosses (105 CBi : 1 Cross Bosses NFT)

  • Trade for other tokens in AMM like ApeSwap

Click Buy and confirm the transaction on your wallet.

After the transaction gets confirmed, you will see the "In my Wallet" tag and a Transfer button.

Congrats, You bought a Cross Boss, be Bossy!

What are the benefits of Tokenizing Cross Bosses?

Using Liquid Collectibles, Cross Boss owners can deposit their NFTs into the Cross Bosses Collection pool and get 95 CBi tokens for each NFT. Check out this guide.

CBi tokens can be used to:

So that, by tokenizing your Cross Bosses, technically you can both hold your Cross Bosses and earn yield from the CBi tokens at the same time.

Important: Please be aware that the exact same NFT you deposit in a collection may not be available later if you want to recover it since someone else could have collected it.

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